Mirroring your dedication to safety, CompleteSource's safety stores have everything from A to Z to outfit the worker and ensure and promote the safest work environment possible. CHECK OUT OUR SAFETY STORES BELOW!

The #1 source with the largest selection of VPP branded merchandise. Customize all of our products with over 30 stock VPP logos including the State Plans.


  • Banners, Posters and Signs
  • Apparel and Workwear
  • Awards and Incentives
  • Engagement Programs
  • Promotional Items


GloveGuardStore is the best place to find gloves and glove retention safety gear. We currently offer the full line of Glove Guard products.


  • Glove Guard - Utility Guard - Utility Bag
  • UVeto Sun Protection - KewlLid
  • Handi Klip - Utility Catcher- Power Band
  • Google Catcher - Sweat GUTR
  • Gloves and Hand Protection


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